Apple iOS 4.2 may launching iPad, iPhone

If you iPad an owner, you probably already have on needles lately. It’s back, because in September Apple announced a major update to OS tablet would come in the form of IOS 4.2, brings a lot of new features on the device. In this long list is the correct IOS 4-style multi-tasking, folders, e-mail of important improvements, integration and Safari Game Center improvements (as found on page full text search). In addition to these features, the company advertises two other important changes that can make a big change in the way your iPad cause – namely AirPrint and airplay. Both approaches use your WiFi network, some connected printer, and the new Apple TV in an attempt to slate the company less as a distraction and more as the center of your digital life.If the update was originally announced, we wrote to you on a tour of the early beta developers. Although 4.2 to roll out the iPhone and iPod touch, we wanted to concentrate on the IPAD version, because this is a big change for the platform. We have a chance to spend time with the final version of the operating system (which is now 4.2.1) and put it through its paces.