Lotus Elise : The Small Car

Lotus Elise : The Small Car
The New Version Of The Small Sport Lotus Elise S

The new version of the small sport Lotus Elise S is complete auto car in new technology and best latest super cars. Indeed completed the approval process that has been certified by the outstanding performance of this car. This new car is a best design Lotus Elise S cars is and power racing auto car. The Lotus Elise S 2011Presented to Geneva Motor Show Is gifted to offer velocity and acceleration of a worthy Porsche Boxster With low consumption levels of ‘runabout from the city. As always at home Lotus is the lightness of the car, whose weight since the last redesign was reduced to just 876 kg.

Under the hood of this brilliant dueposti beats a smaller engine than previous version: The Toyota 1.6 VVT-I produces an output exactly equal to that of 1 .8, 136cv, but consumption reduced 16%. The Lotus Elise S, Say the English manufacturer, is able to travel with a liter 19.8 km with CO2 emissions reduced to just 149 grams per km. With a full can cover up to 800 km.

Just to make a few comparisons car “city” as the Fiat Bravo 90cv produced by emissions of 158 grams of CO2 per km and is 14.9 kilometers per liter, while the direct competitor of Lotus Elise S The Porsche Boxster 2.9Has a 0 to 100 km / h greater, but runs 10.6 kilometers with a liter and emits 221 grams of CO2 per well per km driven.

From the aesthetic point of view the changes were not many in particular bumper and engine cover. For the rest of the style remained virtually unchanged from the classic appearance of this mini-spiders all pepper and environmentally friendly.